Wine Escapades

The Queen drinks Fissure……..? Officialish!

No updates for a while i am afraid, but we have not been idle!

Fissure has done its first trip to the UK, and sold really well, so well in fact everyone we met really loved the wine and placed orders, so we are now back in the cave boxing and getting wine packaged ready to ship orders.

We can proudly say we have been placed on the list at the best restaurant in the UK as voted for by its peers the Clove club in Shoreditch, 2 michelin stars and obviously a very wise head sommelier to take the wine. We are also talking with some people in St James about them wanting to take our wines as exclusive distributors for the UK market….

Is her Majesty the exclusive distributor? well we are giving nothing away at the moment until all is confirmed, but according to rumour she does drink our wines!

Fissure and Toil ready to hit the market

Fissure and Toil are now having their final packaging done ready for transport to the UK in March, Last chance to get your order in for delivery.

The Reds have been aging in bottle on racks for the last 3 months, we tasted last week and they are ready for release.


Terroir au verre Toil
Toil ageing on racks.

Fissure has been patiently waiting in metal storage bins until we can release both at the same time as many people have ordered mixed cases.

As you can see its mayhem getting everything done by hand at the moment…….

Cartons for the wines
Cartons prepared lets get packaging. Terroir au verre

The next week or so is the last chance to get wine ordered for March, the following distribution run will be in May. However keep a look out for our club we will be launching soon, where you will be able to pre-order our releases in any quantity you like. We plan on quarterly deliveries into the UK. We are setting up tastings and meetings for May to introduce our wines into the trade also so busy times ahead. We will keep you updated.

How do you like your eggs?

I’ve been trialing eggs vs foudres for the last year in my other job, to see which I prefer. Tasting every month to see the development of the wine and how it’s profile is evolving. For the majority of my wines we use extended lees aging without stirring to allow the slow autolysis of the yeast.

winemaking eggs

I must say for chardonnay from Chablis, I’ve got to come down on the side of the wood. The neutral woods benefits are well documented so I won’t explain here. However, the egg for me creates wines that becomes a little heavy in the mid palate and shortens the length that the wines from Chablis produce.

The constant vortex created by the egg changes the character too much. It is this constant circulation of the lees which I feel creates the heavy mid palate. I have no scientific basis for this, just my opinion, so if you want feel free to argue!

50hl Foudres

Chablis is known for its depth of character, fresh acidity and it’s mineral richness. I will be sticking with the wood.



Fissure sneak peek

A sneak peek at the labels for Fissure, our new wine release. We at think the label really represents the struggle this old vine Burgundian Chardonnay has to go through to deliver its mineral rich balanced taste as it burrows for water and nutrients through the limestone soil of the vineyard it was picked from, tell us what you think………

New Fissure Label Terroir-au-verre
New Fissure Label

Cathar country…. Maury

So tomorrow we, myself and DB, are off to Maury in search of, well, I’m not quite sure yet. We could find a great undiscovered gem of a wine or a great vineyard site we can try and negotiate to buy grapes from next harvest for our blend. Who knows.

We both know the area pretty well, I spent 2 vintages at D66 making their awesome big wines and DB worked over the border in Spain. So if nothing else I’m sure a good time will be had reconnecting with friends and tasting the 2016 vintage!

Whatever happens I will post some photos and keep you updated on our return, after the aspirin.


So we have been and returned from Maury, an interesting trip lots of good wines and the 2016 vintage is looking good down in the south, we were lucky enough to have a barrel tasting at D66, the wines are big extracted and full of energy, the old vine Grenache in particular is stunning!

Big wines down south, DB having to prop himself to stay standing
Big wines down south, DB having to prop himself to stay standing

Unfortunately we didn’t find the perfect wine in Maury for us at the moment but have some exciting ideas about making a wine down there from 2017, in a slightly different style than you would expect from the big south.

We took a side trip to Fitou also. I know what you are thinking….  Huge tannins, cheap wines! Well, for the most part, some of this may be true. However after taking a tour of some of the vine parcels in the area, there were a few parcels that stood out as being super healthy and looking amazing next to the rest. We hunted down the owner and had a tasting of his wines. They were surprisingly delicate, full of fruit, no harsh tannins and expressed the amazing mix of soils to be found in the area, where schist, granite and limestone all collide. We may have some interesting offerings from this area in the near future!