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Toil 2015 label
Toil Pinot Noir ~ Pinot Gris
A labour of Love, and blisters

2015  Toil | Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris

We hand picked this big beauty late from a tiny sheltered vineyard in Northern Burgundy to get the full gamut of red and black fruit that Burgundian Pinot is capable of. Read More



2015 Fissure | Minerally Chardonnay

2015 Fissure Chardonnay
Our minerally, clean, zippy Chardonnay from a vineyard that’s pure limestone.

«Minerality» is an oft-used word. It’s meant to say that the wine represents the minerals in the soil, as if the vine has sucked out the elements from the soil. It’s used in Chablis descriptions, and those of Côte d’Or wines. Elsewhere, it’s wishfully used in the marketing blurb but seldom achieved. Winemakers try to get that iodine/salty/sulphury note by edging their wines into a «reduced» state by leaving them on the lees until a nuance of rotten egg is detected. But the only real way is to find vineyards planted in mineral rich soil where the vines do literally do leach the elements from the soil. Read More


SOLD OUT 2015 Death Match Duck, Pinot Gris Rosé

terroir-au-verre_death-match-duck-rose-2015 Grown by us in a small vineyard without appellation just outside Chablis. The famous Chardonnay of Chablis makes way for Pinot Gris here (an unsung, but great, variety in Burgundy). When really, really, ripe Pinot Gris starts to take on a red tinge to the skins which is what we took advantage of for this rosé. After maceration on the skins for a week, we drained off the juice and fermented off skins in stainless steel.

The result is a rosé that combines the great clean freshness one gets with a northern climate wine, with considerable ripeness from the delayed picking.