About Us

Terroir Au Verre was founded by two oenologists out of their shared obsession with the wines of burgundy. There’s so much more to discover here than just the hyped names, fabulous as they may be. Very often the regions bordering a famous appelation can offer wines of equal or greater quality for a fraction of the price.

Take Chablis as an example. We both are lucky enough to work for famous domaines in Chablis who have access to historic old vine parcels, from Grand Cru to Petit Chablis, and the wines can be outstanding.

But not always. Not every time.

A bottle from a great grower in Chitry, or Tonnerre, or Coulanges-la Vineuse, or Joiny (or … or … or…) can be better than a lazily made Chablis. They share similar terroir (very often the same kimméridgien calcareous clay as in the Grand Cru slopes of Chablis), similar climate, old vines, and have a collection of passionate talented growers. What they lack is exposure and recognition outside those “in the know”.

It’s the vineyard that matters. Not the AOC.

Wil Potter

Wil Potter. Winemaker at Terroir Au Verre
That’s Wil. Wearing a hat.

Wil has always been a wino. Before his current position of «assistant maître de chai» at one of Chablis’ most famous domaines, he worked as winemaker and vigneron in many prestigious wineries  from France to Turkey. Before achieving impressive results in his oenology degree he was a wine buyer for top-end restaurants in the UK.

Wine and ever increasing quantities of tattoo ink runs in his veins.

David Blake

David Blake. Winemaker at Terroir Au Verre
That’s Blakey. With a Beard. And a Hat. And a Pipe.

Many things have been said about David: “A dreamer who will never amount to anything”. “Has ideas far too mad to actually come to fruition”.

Well we say different. Mad is good. What-ifs are encouraged. And crazy may just work. Before settling and working in wineries in Burgundy, David was a traveling winemaker who’s worked harvests around the world; France, Spain, England, New Zealand, Mexico and the USA. But as Muslims have Mecca, winemakers have Burgundy, and the pilgrimage was made.

Before passing through to collect his oenology degree, David worked in the UK wine trade for people such as Berry Brothers & Rudd.

Get yer BSc's here.
We sweated together to get our Oenology degrees from Plumpton College (part of Brighton University) so here’s a plug for the good ‘ol college.